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Surkana Store

The design of a concept store for a women’s clothing brand. The concept reflects and reinforces the brand values, the design aims at a natural air of closeness of and quality with a different tone introduced by the use of natural materials and textures. The store communicates the value of using real natural materials and no fake materials. The interior finishing of walls and ceilings are soft whites with indirect lighting to the ceiling and direct light towards the clothing. The shop window has maximum transparency, to focus maximum on the clothes. The exterior materials used (natural matte black steel and wood) are also being used in the furniture inside. The idea is that the interior and exterior are the same language. The style was created as an experience of travel and places that remind us of noble elements such as wood and metal impregnated with the suggestion of past times as an added value and differentiation.

The furniture is based on a U-shape of wood; the wall elements to exhibit the clothes are made of treated wood and steel and have the flexibility to add elements as buckets of steel or micro-perforated steel panels in the same piece of furniture to display accessories and jewelry.
The tables are the central furniture and made of wood with the same inverted U-shape.

The fitting rooms are made from the printed textile used in the clothing, and are changed according to the season to link even more the clothes with the identity of the store.

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