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Poble Nou

Complete refurbishment of an apartment in Poble Nou. To make a maximum profit of the space (75 m2), the concept was to combine kitchen and living room, as one space, concentrate the bathroom and giving the bedrooms more space, by combining spaces. To maintain the identity of this apartment, original elements are maintained and restored such as the hydraulic floor tiles, doors and windows in combination with modern elements. In the bathroom the original marble sink from the kitchen is used as a washbasin. Colors used are white on the walls, to have a maximum reflection of the light, also to let more light and ventilation in the interior rooms, small window openings are made in the connecting walls. The new wooden floor is a continuous floor through all the spaces (except bathrooms and kitchen) to give an idea of a fluent space throughout the whole apartment. In this way the concept of connecting spaces and the continuity of space and identity is re enforced by this refurbishment.

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